Mobile Advertising

Reach your audience across all devices.
Leverage the mobile web with our advanced advertising technology. Global mobile internet ad spending in 2016 is valued at roughly $101 billion and mobile will account for 72% of all US ad spending by 20191. Smartphones and mobile technology is mass media that is personal, always on and always with you.
Mobile Ads Technology

TrafficJunky understands that mobile advertising is crucial for a brand looking to build its online presence and visibility. Take full control over your advertising location, targeting, and costs and optimize your target CPA goal with our Auto-Optimization technology.

Reach a Targeted Audience

Define your targets, reach your core market and maximize your profits. Target your mobile advertising campaign by geographic location, demographic and time of day. Our targeting focuses on delivering the right ad to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Mobile Advertising Solutions

High performance targeting solutions for an audience on-the-go.

Get your mobile ads displayed to millions of people every day online on a cost-effective CPM platform. Let us help you scale your mobile ad campaigns with access to a high volume of ad impressions served daily, and optimize to your target CPA goal with our user friendly Auto-Optimization options.

Reach high volumes of Visitors Daily

Bid for CPM impressions on a Network that serves thousands of mobile ads in each country around the world.

Benefit From A Cost-Effective CPM Model

Get high volumes of targeted impressions at the CPM bid and campaign budget you choose.

High Performing, Precise & Powerful Targeting

Target your mobile advertising campaign by country, region, demographic, day of the week and time of day.

Highly Visible Ad Spots

Display your mobile ads in our underplayer, header and footer spots and attract a heavy volume of potential clients to your product.

1. Artyom, Dogtiev "Mobile Advertising Statistics Roundup 2016" (August 8, 2016).
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