Brand Assets

Our guidelines clarify the ways you can and cannot use our assets. In order to best communicate our brand for marketing and co-branding purposes, we've provided the following instructions that are easy to use!

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Brand Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when using TrafficJunky's logo assets.

For the Love
of Design

Treat our logo with lots of love and respect - that's all you have to do in order to keep us happy. Learn the do's and don'ts on how to love our logo and we promise she'll love you right back.

Logo Use

Our logo is more than just a pretty face - it defines our brand.

The TrafficJunky logo uses two colors: TJ Teal and TJ Ash. In most cases the logo should be used on a light background, giving it the ability to stand out and be seen.

However, if your design incorporates a dark background please use the option provided below.

Clear space rule

We are all about freedom.

Provide enough empty space around the TrafficJunky logo so that it can breathe.
Our logo must have a clear area around it which is free from other graphic elements.
The minimum white space around the logo should be 2x the width of 'x'.

Icon Use

If a figure is both a rectangle (right angles) and a rhombus (equal edge lengths), then it is a square.

Our icon follows the same rules as our logo. By no means are you allowed to recreate our logo. Always remember to download our assets file and use the icons provided.

Dark icon
(original colors)
Dark icon
(original colors)

Just don't

Be mindful of our icon guidelines.

TrafficJunky users have the freedom to control their own account - however, when it comes to our icon, we have some rules.

Do not: Modify the angle or orientation

Do not: Change the color

Do not: Squeeze, stretch or change the shape

Do not: Remove the background color

Do not: Add any extra effects


Color is a very powerful thing.

The TrafficJunky color palette begins with TJ Teal and TJ Ash. These two colors are the core of our corporate identity. TJ Teal should be used for most call-to-actions in advertising material.

HEX: #2A9DB2 CMYK: 76 - 21 - 26‍ - 0 RGB: 42 - 157‍ - 178 PMS: 2220C / 632U
TJ Teal
HEX: #808285 CMYK: 0 - 0 - 0‍ - 60 RGB: 128 - 130‍ - 133 PMS: 8C / 10U
TJ Ash

Common mistakes

Human error is natural, so here are a few helpful tips that are easy to remember.

Written as two words
One word written with a capital 'T' & 'J'

Partner and

Visibility is key.

Every now and then we collaborate with other companies and always enjoy doing so.

We know where we stand, please respect our placement guidelines.

Logo placement
Icon placement