We Care About Your Account Security: Introducing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Did you know, there is a powerful way to protect your account on TrafficJunky?

That’s right, we provide Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as a free feature to intently protect you from cyber attacks.

With almost 50% of small businesses experiencing hacking attacks and 60% of small companies going out of business within 6 months, it’s time to act on your cyber security.

What is Two-Factor Authentication, and how does it work on TrafficJunky?

Two-Factor Authentication serves as an extra layer of verifying your account, in order to prevent your data from being stolen by someone else.

In the context of TrafficJunky, 2FA prevents others from accessing your TrafficJunky account without your consent by adding an extra way of verifying your identity after you log in.

How do I set 2FA up for my TrafficJunky Account?

1. Log in to your TrafficJunky account

2. Go to your profile page

3.Go to the ‘Security’ section and turn on the Two-Factor Authentication switch

4. Select the second way you would like to authenticate your account

5. If you have selected email, enter your address and TrafficJunky account password

6. If you have selected Phone number (SMS), chose your country by clicking the flag icon, enter your Phone number and your TrafficJunky account password

7. Hit the ‘Send’ button

8. Enter the verification code received via email or SMS

For any further assistance, contact our Customer Care team.


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