Notice for Advertisers Serving iFrame Ads

Hello iFrame Advertisers, 
In order to comply with the DSA European Act, as a VLOP (Very-Large Online Platform) we’ve got some new requirements for all the advertisers that use iFRAME.  

TrafficJunky needs to save all the ads shown to our viewers. For that, we will need a screenshot or the assets of all the ads we serve. That should be given by your API that we will call each day to collect the required information. 

Every advertiser that serves iFrame ads on TJ will need to build an API as per the instructions in this email. TrafficJunky will call this API once a day to get a response, which will convey all the iFrames from the ads served by you per day and the data associated with them.  

You will need to keep track of each ad served on your end, then send us back daily the ads and their stats when we call your server.  

API Documentation

Here is an example API that does that, next is the API specifications on how it will call you and what you should respond: 




NOTE: We will start testing it by Apil 15th,2024. If you fail to implement the API by April 20th, 2024; your campaign will stop receiving EU impressions. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Account Manager or


Who does this notice apply to?

TrafficJunky advertisers that use iFrame Ads.

When do advertisers need to action by?

TrafficJunky will start testing by April 15, 2024. Advertisers must implement the API by April 20, 2024, or your campaigns will stop receiving EU impressions.