TrafficJunky featured in ‘Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing’

Our blog regulars have definitely seen us link a few Charles Ngo blog posts in our weekly roundup. A resource we believe is one of the most important for online entrepreneurs of all levels.

While his blog posts are one thing, his ‘Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing’ takes it one step further.

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Billed as “the most comprehensive affiliate marketing course ever created”. This guide serves as both the perfect introduction and refresher.

Did we mention it’s available to you for the low price of Free 99? Forgive us for sounding like a 90’s infomercial, but free is always a tough deal to beat.

Brimming with over 240 pages of content, Ngo’s guide breaks down everything you need to know. From the different affiliate networks, to landing pages and how to track campaigns.

Seeing the information packaged into one comprehensive manual makes it that much easier for you.

Most importantly TrafficJunky’s advertising network is also featured as one of the top adult traffic sources. Go ahead, jump to page seventy-eight and see for yourself.

Finally, we’d strongly suggest downloading this guide if you’re about to venture into the world of online marketing. Always keep in mind that knowledge is power.

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