Italy GEO Spotlight: Five Placements to Target

Our spotlight series covers different locations you should be targeting worldwide. This week we’ll be heading to Italy for a look at some of the prime placements.

As usual we’ll be listing the placement itself,  daily traffic available and minimum CPM rate.

Spotlight: Italy

  1. Pornhub Mobile – Footer – 4 088 422 – $0.08
  2. YouPorn PC – Footer Squares – 1 306 577 – $0.03
  3. Pornhub PC – Top Right Square – 798 871 – $0.11
  4. Pornhub Tablet – Video A – 458 589 – $0.15
  5. YouPorn Mobile – Underplayer – 247 906 – $0.11

Most importantly it’s imperative to have your banners translated to Italian. Don’t know where to start? Have a look at Fiverr’s translation services and sort by customer review.

Another important tool is Google Trends, which will sort trending topics by location. As a result, you can use this data to your advantage.

From color schemes emulating popular sports teams to models resembling important celebrities. Every little detail counts, leave nothing to chance.

For a full list of available traffic and rates check out our daily inventory page. Feel free to contact the TJ team should you have any questions!

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