GEO Spotlight: Mexico

In the first of similar weekly posts, we’ll be highlighting GEO opportunities that you should be taking advantage of. Make sure to tune in for valuable data on targeted TJ traffic, CPM rates and daily impressions.

Today’s GEO spotlight focuses on Mexico! Below you will find the spots, approximate available traffic and CPM bids (cost per thousand impressions) you can expect from the North American country. Without further adieu, here are the top 5 placements you should be targeting today:

  1. PornHub Mobile Header – $0.05 – 4, 281, 678
  2. RedTube Mobile Header – $0.06 – 1, 714, 275
  3. YouPorn Mobile Header – $0.03 – 1, 172, 495
  4. SpankWire Mobile Footer – $0.04 – 89, 709
  5. PornHub PC Video A – $0.08 – 1, 240, 315

While we’re sharing these spots with you today, we encourage you to consult our daily pricing and inventory page. For more information on the placements we covered above and how to optimize your campaigns, make sure you reach out to our support team.


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