How To: Add TJ Tokens to Your Landing Page URL

We already covered TrafficJunky tokens in a previous post a few months back. Tokens allow advertisers to track their campaigns more efficiently by populating relevant information in your landing page URL.

how to add tokens

How To Add Tokens to Your Landing Page URL

So, how does one add this target URL without being hit with the dreaded 404 error? After having entered your campaign settings, you’ll find yourself on the ‘Create BLPs’ page which will ask for your Target URL.

Let’s start off with what not to do:

As you can see in the image above, I’ve completely ignored the example and decided to quite simply click on the tokens I would like to include in my target URL. This common mistake will lead to the ‘page not found’ error and will more than likely get your campaign rejected.

Here’s the correct way to add your tokens:

Three things have been added to the target URL:

  1. The question mark right after the first slash.
  2. The token description right before the equal sign. Ex: campaignID={CampaignID}
  3. The ampersands between the different descriptions and tokens.

From there, the dynamic information you have requested to receive from the tokens can be found by clicking on any of your campaigns and hitting the ads tab. The information will be populated in the ‘Target URL’ column.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our TrafficJunky support team for direct assistance.

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