Guide: Select Your Sources and Adjust Your Ad Rotation

TrafficJunky has made changes to the member area that gives you enhanced visibility and control of the different ads served within a single campaign. Keep reading to learn more about how you can better control your ad rotation.

Previously, the Autopilot feature was at the end of step 1. As part of this update, the feature has been renamed to Ad Rotation and is now on step 4.

Set your campaign’s ad rotation to manual or autopilot in step 4 of the campaign creation process. Manual will allow you to adjust your campaign’s ad weights as well as control the status of the ads.

Set your campaign’s Ad Rotation to Manual or Autopilot in step 4 of the campaign creation process.

You can also navigate to the Sources tab on the campaign overview page to see your sources and adjust your ad weights at any time.

Campaigns with manual rotation will be displayed as either Even or Adjusted in the ad rotation column. If the value is even, all the ads have the same ad weight. If the value is adjusted, there is at least one ad with a weight different from the rest.

Click the value displayed under Ad Rotation to see your ads and their ad rotation weights. When changing your ad weights manually, you can immediately see how often an individual ad will appear compared to other ads.

Note! The autopilot feature is only available if your campaign has a conversion tracker set up. To facilitate your campaign creation process, the conversion tracker has been moved to step 5. If you already have a conversion tracker set up, simply add it to your campaign. If you haven’t set up a conversion tracker, you can do so on the tracking tools page.

Take control of your ads by pausing or resuming them anytime.

Ads that are paused will not have ad weights assigned to them and will not display on the source.

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