92 Million Daily Average Visits to Pornhub in 2018

pornhub stats 2018

It’s almost the Holidays. For some that means overeating and dealing with family members. For Pornhub, that means numbers. Tons of numbers.

Pornhub’s 2018 Year in Review

Aside from that extremely eye-catching headline above–yes 92 million daily average visits, you read that right. The Pornhub Insights team has provided us with a slew of fascinating stats from 2018.

That 92 million represents the populations of Canada, Australia and Poland combined.

Some more numbers that stand out, 33.5 billion visits this year. That’s 63,992 visitors per minute.

On TrafficJunky’s end–aside from the numbers we just mentioned–we’ve handpicked a trio of graphs for you.

First off, the most searched terms of 2018. Where that comes into play for you is the fact that you can keyword target using the TJ platform using the searches below.

Secondly, the top 20 countries in terms of traffic. As you can see in the image, this accounts for 80% of daily traffic on Pornhub.

Lastly, here are the most searched for terms by gender.

Have a look at Pornhub’s 2018 year in review for yourself!

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