Top 5 TED Talks Of 2018

top 5 ted talks

TED Talks is an incredible resource that connects you with a myriad of industry leaders, creative thinkers and genuinely people.

Which is why having a top five list almost doesn’t do it justice.

We’ve skimmed through the TED Talks in 2018 to find five of the best ones you should watch right now.

We mean it, drop everything and watch these five videos. You can eat that bowl of Raisin Bran later.

Without further adieu, here are our top five TED Talks of 2018.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. – Luvvie Ajayi


The Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise – Wendy Suzuki

 The Surprising Science of Alpha Males – Frans de Waal

What Makes Something Go Viral – Dao Nguyen

Why You Should Make Useless Things – Simone Giertz

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