Attention Advertisers, Pornhub Ad Spots Changes to Note

Dear advertisers! Please note that as of August 3, 2020, new changes will apply to the following Pornhub PC ad spots:

Video A, Video B and Top Right Square.

Please make sure you have campaigns ready with the new dimensions below, to replace the current ones on the affected spots prior to the date mentioned above.


1. Dimension change

On all 3 ad spots, dimension requirements will change from 315×300 to 300×250, for both straight and gay targeting campaigns.

Any 315×300 creatives on the spots mentioned will stop receiving impressions upon the change.

💡Find all existing Trafficjunky ad spots here.


2. Ad creatives rule change

On Pornhub PC Video A and Pornhub PC Video B, ad banners with light animation will be allowed.

Therefore, there is no need to change your current ad banners, but you will be able to upload light animated ads in the future.

💡Find out what is light animation and other TrafficJunky animation rules here.


For any questions or further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!


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